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Recent Co-op News

3-Step HVAC Test

Tips for Maintaining an Efficient HVAC System

Tips for Maintaining an Efficient HVAC System Ah, summer. Cookouts, swimming pools, camping—it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. When it’s time to come back indoors, there’s nothing better than that cool blast you feel from your home’s air conditioning unit. Your heating, ventilating and...
Snake River Sockeye

Fish Facts

If you stay current with regional news you have heard many opinions about the future of Northwest salmon and steelhead. Currently, twenty 28 West Coast salmon and steelhead populations are listed under the Endangered Species Act. Many claim the federal hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers are solely...
girl holding colored pencils and markers

Kids! Enter the Safety Poster Contest

Benton REA is once again sponsoring its Safety Poster Contest for all elementary schoolchildren whose parents or guardians are Benton REA members with active electrical accounts. Prizes will be distributed at the annual meeting July 13 at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland. Age Categories: Kindergartners and 1st graders2nd and...
Monthly Manager's Message Header - Powerlines against a sunset

Manager’s Message – May 2019

42 Million Strong Dear Members, Benton REA is a member of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), a national trade organization representing more than 900 electric cooperatives. You’re not only a member of Benton REA, you’re part of a 42-million-strong network of co-op members. We may seem like a...
Two photos of pad-mounted transformers. One is surrounded by bushes and rocks and is not accessible to utility members. The other is open and accessible to utility workers.

Avoid the Big Green Box

While overhead power lines and transformers are mounted on utility poles and substations are protected by security fences, pad-mounted transformers, switch boxes and pedestals are at ground level. These "big green boxes" are utility property and may need to be accessed at any time without notice. “We have about 3,260...
Benton REA linemen pose for a photo in front of their trucks

The Dedication of an Electric Lineworker

April 18 is Lineworker Appreciation Day National studies consistently rank power-line installers and repairers among the most dangerous jobs in the country, and for good reason. Laboring high in the air, wearing heavy equipment and working directly with high voltage electricity creates the perfect storm of a dangerous and unforgiving...
Photo of a man installing a ductless heat pump head

Prepare for Summer and Winter With a Ductless Heat Pump

During an average year, more than 60 percent of a home’s energy use is caused by heating and cooling. During shoulder months like April, May, September and October, your energy use is often lower because heating and cooling systems only occasionally run to maintain a comfortable temperature. Before the summer...
A cup of coffee and cookies

Stop by for a Cookie on Our Birthday

On Friday, April 19, any member who visits the Prosser or West Richland Benton REA office can enjoy cookies and coffee as we celebrate 82 years of member-owned cooperative service. On April 19, 1937, Benton REA was born. Our original mission was to bring affordable, reliable electricity to the rural...
Monthly Manager's Message Header - Powerlines against a sunset

Manager’s Message – April 2019

Celebrate These April Dates Dear Members, April typically isn’t a month full of holidays. But at Benton REA, April is a month worth celebrating. Every day I am thankful for Benton REA’s employees, but on April 18, I especially appreciate our lineworkers. Lineworker Appreciation Daycelebrates the men and women who...
(ORLANDO, FL)-- 2019 NRECA Annual Meeting --International Lunch -- Chris Hamon, right, presents International Award to Chuck Dawsey, former CEO Benton REA and former NRECA director from Washington.

Former General Manager Wins International Award

Retired Benton REA General Manager Chuck Dawsey was the 2018 recipient of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association International Award. “We are joined together with a common goal to help others, to improve lives, to strengthen communities and to find a better way through electrification,” Chuck said as he received...
Nathan Shibley and Michelle Bolling

Benton REA Sends Students to Washington, D.C.

Two Hanford High sophomores will visit the nation's capital in June on the National Rural Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Nathan Shibley and Michelle Bolling will represent Benton REA on the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Electric Cooperative Youth Tour June 13-20, 2019. The Hanford high school sophomores were selected by...
Plant Energy Savings: Plant Deciduous trees to block heat from the sun in the summer and let sunlight in during the winter

Landscape for Savings and Safety

A well-designed landscape not only adds beauty to your home, but can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Trees and other plants on the east, south and west sides of your home help shade it, helping reduce cooling costs in the summer and cold winds in the winter. Deciduous trees...
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