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If your home or neighborhood is experiencing an electrical power outage, please report it by calling 1-800-221-6987 or 1-509-786-1626. You may also click the "Report an Outage" button below. To view all current outages that are affecting more than 10 members, click the "View Outage Map" button. 

Featured News and Services

A woman uses the Benton REA and PowerNET kiosk at Prosser's Lep-Re-Kon Harvest Foods.

Benton REA & PowerNET

New Payment Kiosks

Benton REA’s new payment kiosks are at Lep-Re-Kon Harvest Foods in Prosser and Yoke’s Fresh Market in West Richland. Bills can be paid at the kiosks using cash, check or card anytime the stores are open. Payments are posted to members’ accounts immediately, and the process is easy. Click to learn more.

Image of a young Caucasian woman plugging together two power cords with a river flowing behind. The image is zoomed in on her hands. It symbolizes how water and hydropower powers our lives.

Benton REA

Hydropower Needs You, Write In Today

Hydropower and many other benefits of the lower Snake River dams are under attack at both the state and federal levels. The voices of dam breaching proponents are being heard. Our representatives need to hear your voice, too. Click to learn more and to submit your comments before it's too late.

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Broadband Internet Now Available

Broadband service, up to 100x100 Mbps download and upload speed, is now available within 1 mile of Granger’s Cherry Hill and the Whitstran and Ward Gap Road areas of Prosser. And more tower locations are coming soon! Click to learn more and complete our free signal test request. 

A hispanic woman with curly hair holds several $20 bills in her right hand. She is wearing a red t-shirt and the background is orange.

Benton REA

Claim Your Ownership Cash

Each year the Benton REA Board of Trustees chooses to pay back ownership credits to members, and thousands of those checks go uncashed. Call us to update your contact information so you will receive your ownership credit payments.

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