Media Information

Benton REA is a member-owned electric cooperative serving 10,500 members and 14,000 electric accounts within portions of Benton, Yakima and Lewis counties.

Benton REA’s PowerNET is a full service Internet provider and network integrator, providing unique, high-quality Internet, PC repair, IT support and business consulting services in the Mid-Columbia and Yakima Valleys.

On occasion, power outages and cooperative events make the news. If you are a journalist or reporter and need more information from Benton REA regarding your story, or a story we’ve submitted to you, please contact:

Troy Berglund, Community Relations and Members Services Manager  ⋅  509-786-8265

For power outage updates, view our online live Outage Map and follow Benton REA on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the following links to learn more information about Benton REA and PowerNET on our website: