Surge Protection

Electrical appliances are a very important part of our day-to-day life, yet we hardly think about them . . . until there’s trouble.

Trouble can arise through power surges which can be caused by car accidents involving utility poles, limbs falling on power lines, fluctuations within the home and many other events. The resulting electrical surges enter your home through the wiring and can damage the appliances you depend on.

Benton REA Whole-House Surge Protection Program

Benton REA offers a whole-house surge protection program to help prevent problems from power surges. For $6 a month, Benton REA will install a surge protection device at your electric meter that will protect your appliances and electronics from surges through the electric power lines.

The warranty covers up to $5,000 per item, not to exceed an aggregate $50,000 per failure.

This surge protection device will not protect against surges that come through other lines such as phone or cable, therefore we suggest point-of-use surge protection devices on equipment that are connected to other lines.

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