Residential Rebates

It pays to save energy with Benton REA and our rebate programs! We want to help you achieve energy efficiency and comfort in your home. Contact our member services department when planning purchases that will upgrade your efficiency. Benton REA is your trusted energy partner.

Completed rebate applications can be dropped off at any Benton REA office or mailed to:

Benton REA, Attn: Rebates
PO Box 1150
Prosser, WA 99350

For questions and advice on lowering your energy bills, contact our member services department at 509-786-8265.

Energy Star Labels

When shopping for a new appliance, look for the Energy Guide Label, the yellow tag you’ll find attached to most appliances. For the best energy saving, choose a model with the lowest estimated use shown on the EnergyGuide Label, plus the presence of the Energy Star® logo.

Income-Qualified Rebates

If you meet the income qualifications, you may be eligible for additional assistance when paying for energy-efficient upgrades to your home.

Currently Available Residential Efficiency Rebates

Type of Clothes Washer Member Rebate
Energy Star Top Loader$30 Rebate
Energy Star Front Loader$35 Rebate

If you are not sure whether your new appliance qualifies as Energy Star rated, visit the BPA Energy Efficient Appliance Guide or call Benton REA at 509-781-6751.

Efficiency Level Member Rebate
New BPA Tier 3 Level, Energy Star Rated$175
New BPA Tier 2 Level, Energy Star Rated$125
New BPA Tier 1 Level, Energy Star Rated$75
Energy Star Rated$50

If you are not sure whether your new appliance qualifies as Energy Star ratedvisit the BPA Energy Efficient Appliance Guide or call Benton REA at 509-781-6751.

Benton REA members who currently have an electric heat source can receive up to $165 for the purchase and installation of the following smart thermostats:

  • Ecobee 3, 4, 5 (Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control), Smart Thermostat Enhanced and Ecobee 6 (Smart Thermostat Premium)
  • Nest Thermostat, Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, and Nest E
  • Carrier TP-WEM01-A
  • Bryant T6-WEM01-A
  • Lennox iComfort M30

Once purchased, members can choose to self-install their smart thermostat or hire a professional. To view a list of qualifying heat pump certified installers near you, visit

Installation Type Member Rebate
Professionally Installed$165

This rebate is available for existing and new construction single-family, manufactured and multifamily homes. Limit two per household. Thermostats that control cooling-only systems are not eligible for an incentive. Members must apply for the rebate within six months of purchase date to qualify.

Hybrid electric water heaters, also referred to as heat pump water heaters, are revolutionizing the way we heat water. Compared to traditional electric water heaters, hybrid water heaters can cut your water heating costs in half. They work like a refrigerator, but in reverse. A refrigerator pushes heat from inside the unit out to the air around it, while a hybrid electric water heater uses fans and an evaporator to pull warmth from the surrounding air and transfers it to water in the storage tank.

Hybrid electric water heaters can be installed in a variety of heated and unheated locations such as a garage, basement or utility room.

  • Space – Most units require at least 800 cubic feet of air-flow around them, this is the equivalent of 10’x10’x8′ of space
  • Sound – Hybrid electric water heaters generate sounds similar to a freezer
  • Cold air – While in operation, hybrid electric water heaters release cool, dry air
  • Size/height – Hybrid electric water heaters are slightly taller than standard electric water heaters
Efficiency Level Size Member Rebate
HPWH - All Tiers40 Gallon Tank$700
Tier 350 Gallons and Above$800
Tier 450 Gallons and Above$900

Because this technology is different than a traditional water heater, we recommend that you download the Hybrid Electric Water Heater Rebate Information and call 509-786-8265 before purchasing or installing a hybrid electric water heater.

Window Type Member Rebate
Windows with a u-value of .22 or lower$8/square foot
Windows with a u-value of .30 or lower$6/square foot
Sliding glass doors with a u-value of .35 or lower$6/square foot
Energy Star Storm Windows$2/square foot

New Energy Efficient Windows

Replace your old windows and glass doors with new energy efficient ones, and you could get $6 per square foot from Benton REA.

Rebate Qualifications:

  • Qualifying Windows: NFRC U-Factor Rating of .30 or lower (weighted average)
  • Qualifying Glass Doors: NFRC U-Factor Rating of .35 or lower (no weighted average)
  • Old windows must be single pane, single pane with “storm windows” or double pane with metal frames
  • Electricity must be the primary heating source of the home
  • Installation of windows and doors must meet certain requirements
  • Triple-pane windows usually obtain a higher rebate

Members must contact Benton REA prior to purchase and installation for a current list of qualified contractors and program requirements.

Sample Window Rebate: 4 ft. x 5 ft. single pane window replaced with .30 NFRU-Factor Rated window.

4 ft. x 5 ft. window = 20 square feet

$6.00 x 20 = $120.00 rebate

An $8 per square foot rebate is available if you wish to install windows that have u-value of .22 or lower.

Members may also qualify for a federal tax credit.

Energy Star Storm Windows

Keep your existing windows and still save energy by installing Energy Star Storm Windows. Benton REA will credit you $2 per square foot on qualifying purchases.

Because this technology is new, we recommend that you download the Energy Star Storm Window Information and call 509-786-8265 with your questions before purchasing or installing new windows.

Benton REA’s heat pump program offers members an incentive to upgrade their electric heating system. Based on your current heat source and the type of heat pump you will be upgrading to, your available rebate may vary.

Current Heat Source New Heat Source Member Rebate
Older Heat PumpVariable Speed Air Source Heat Pump$200
Electric FurnaceHigh-Efficiency Air Source Heat Pump$1,000
Electric FurnaceVariable Speed Air Source Heat Pump$1,200

Benton REA also offers loans for installations of heat pumps and other efficiency measures where the payment is added to your monthly electric bill. Visit the Energy Savings Loans page of our website for information.

We recommend you download the Heat Pump Rebate Information and call 509-781-6751 before purchasing or installing a heat pump to find out if you qualify for this program.

Benton REA offers a rebate on duct sealing. Benton REA believes this measure is well worth the investment and will improve the efficiency of your home.

Measure Rebate
Duct Testing/Sealing$250 - Stick built home, $200 - Manufactured home

Duct testing and sealing can be done anytime, not only during installation of a new heat pump.

A Ductless Heat Pump System is a cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling system for smaller homes. It is ideal if you are currently heating your home with baseboard or wall heaters. You can switch to a much more efficient Ductless Heat Pump system, without having to install a ductwork system throughout your home. Because the Ductless Heat Pump both heats and cools, it also replaces the need for window air conditioners.

Ductless heating and cooling systems give you more control over your home’s heating and air conditioning, meaning you’ll be comfortable all year long.

Current Heating System Rebate
Baseboard or Wall Heaters$800
Electric Furnace$800

In addition to this rebate, Benton REA offers low-interest loans to members on ductless heat pump systems.

To find out more information or to inquire about the availability of rebates call 509-786-6751.

Before purchasing a ductless heat pump, we recommend you download the Ductless Heat Pump Rebate Information.

A properly insulated and sealed house not only will keep the warmth in during the winter and the heat out during the summer, it will ease the burden put on your heating and cooling system to keep a comfortable temperature in your home.  Adding insulation to your attic, floors and walls can save you both energy and money in the life of your home. Making sure your home is air-sealed will also increase efficiency.

Benton REA requires a pre- and post-inspection of your home before granting any weatherization rebates. Inspections are free of charge to Benton REA members.

Calculate your rebate by multiplying the square footage of the insulated space by the appropriate rebate amount according to this table.

Insulation Location Starting Insulation Level Final Insulation Level Rebate Amount Per Square Foot
Attic≤ R7≥ R38 - 49$2.00
AtticR8-R11≥ R38 - 49$0.75
AtticR12-R19≥ R38 - 49$0.30
AtticR20-R30≥ R38 - 49$0.09
Floors≤ R11R19$0.75
Floors≤ R11R25 or R30$0.90
WallsR0≥ R11$2.00

Before purchasing a insulation, we recommend you download the Insulation Rebate Information call 509-786-8265 for answers to your questions.

Incentives for whole-home air sealing are based on the reduction of the  air volume moving in and out of the home, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and determined through a blower door test before and after air-sealing. Benton REA will pay a rebate of $0.20/CFM.

Efficiency rebates aren’t just for stick-built homes. The Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing Program (NEEM) sets the standard for highly efficient building specifications tailored for the Northwest climate. Benton REA members who purchase a NEEM certified manufactured home qualify for one of two rebates, depending upon efficiency level.

NEEM Rating Rebate
Energy Star (version 1.1)$1,200
Energy Star with NEEM+ (version 2.0)$1,400

To apply for this rebate, send a copy of your NEEM certificate to Benton REA within 90 days of the purchase date of your home. You may drop this off at a Benton REA office or mail to PO Box 1150, Prosser, WA 99350. Call 509-786-8265 for more information.

Income-Qualified Rebates

Benton REA members who meet income qualifications and own their home may receive increased rebate amounts for the following energy-efficient home upgrades.
  • Conventional Heat Pump Installation -$6,200
  • Single Head Ductless Heat Pump -$3,800
  • Hybrid Electric Water Heater - $2,000
  • Duct Sealing - $500
  • Insulation (including walls, floors and ceilings) - Custom Rebate
  • Whole House Air Sealing - Custom Rebate
  • Energy Star Storm Windows - $10 per square foot

To verify eligibility in the program, members must apply online. Income requirements are listed on the online application. Documentation of your current income is required to apply.

Preferred documents to disclose your Adjusted Gross Income are:

  • Most recent IRS Forms 1040, 1040 A or, 1040 EZ -- Include only the page which states the AGI, usually page one. To protect your identity, cover or cross out Social Security Numbers on the document before submitting.
  • Most recent Social Security Statement
  • Most recent L & I Disability or Pension Statement

If you know that you do not qualify based on your annual income as listed on the form, please do not submit an application. Contact Benton REA's member services department at 509-786-8265 for more information.

After you've received verification that you qualify for this program, work with your contractor to complete Benton REA's Income-Qualified Rebate Application.

High-Performance New Home Contractor Incentive

This incentive goes to the builder of one or more homes that are built to save 10 percent or more energy when compared to a home that is built to current code specifications.

In order to receive this incentive, the builder must hire a third-party inspector, called a Rater, to evaluate the home and ensure it will save energy as projected. With third-party involvement, the home-buyer can purchase with confidence a home they know is energy-efficient and saving them money every day they live in their more comfortable and sustainable home.

This "Performance Path" is an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). Learn more at

Download the High-Performance New Home Incentive form and contact Benton REA's member services department for more information.