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As a Benton REA member, you will receive a monthly copy of Ruralite magazine.

Through Ruralite magazine, Benton REA brings you local articles and features, news, safety and energy saving tips and important messages. You’ll find our Benton REA information on pages 4, 5, 8, 25, 28 and 29. There also is a monthly message on the back page of the magazine from Benton REA’s CEO. The rest of the magazine is filled with regional features, energy news, recipes and more.

Benton REA is always on the lookout for good local feature stories. Stories about people, their interests, hobbies, experiences and travels, make the best features for the magazine. If you have an idea for a feature story on the pages of Ruralite, please member services at 509-786-8265.

Not a member, but want to subscribe to Ruralite magazine? Simply subscribe online.

Contact Member Services Department
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High Voltage News

Whether you receive a paper bill or a monthly e-bill statement from Benton REA, your cooperative provides relevant news, articles and helpful information to you each quarter. These and other relevant news stories are available to read in our online co-op news section of this website.

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