PC Computer Repair & Support

Whether you run a home or a home office, we know your computer is important to you. We provide various services to help you keep your computer running. For only $5/month per computer, we offer a PC Maintenance Program  that will keep your computer up-to-date with antivirus tools and updates to keep it protected.

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Service Description Hourly Rate
PC Maintenance ProgramLet the experts at PowerNET manage updates, security and tech support for your PC.$5/Month (per workstation)
Managed Router ServiceBe in control of your home network internet use. See who’s using the internet, pause internet access to a device, see when new devices connect, or when unauthorized devices attempt to connect.$5/Month, $10/Month with leased router
Virus/Malware RemovalFind and eradicate viruses and malware from your personal computer.$60
PC DiagnosticLet us research and identify the cause of crashes or performance problems on your PC. This includes testing all software and an estimate for any recommended repairs or upgrades. If purchased, software and hardware sold separately.$75
PC Software UpdatesLet us apply all updates to your PC and provide recommendations for software upgrades suitable to your circumstances. If purchased, software sold separately.$35
One Time Data BackupWe will create a secure copy of all your files onto either a DVD or an external drive provided by the customer.$75
Automated Data BackupWe will configure your PC so it will automatically backup your files and we will create a one-time backup to an external drive. If purchased, hardware and software sold separately.$125
Security ConfigurationLet us install appropriate antivirus and antispyware software and configure all settings to appropriately secure your computer. Software sold separately.$75
Enhanced Security ConfigurationWe will install appropriate antivirus and antispyware software, configure all settings appropriately to secure one computer and provide up to 90 minutes of training either in home or in our Prosser office. Additional Computer configuration for $75/hour.$150 (In-Home)
Wireless Network SetupWe will configure a wireless router and up to two computers for secure wireless communications. Wireless hardware sold separately.$75 (In-Home)
Network ConsultationThis service includes a site visit to any home located in the Yakima Valley and Columbia Basin and includes recommendations on how to network your computers, the advantages and disadvantages of doing so and an estimate for creating a complete in-home network.$75 (In-Home)
Standard Hourly RateFor hardware and/or software related issues during normal business hours.
Remote Access Labor: 30-minute minimum billing. Charges billed in 15-minute increments.
On-Site Labor: 60-minute minimum billing. Charges billed in 30-minute increments. Current Benton REA members receive a 10% discount on the first $300 of PowerNET services and a 5% discount on the remaining balance.

All services provided in-home are based on the customer premises being with 25 miles of an existing PowerNET office. Any services provided outside of the 25-mile radius may incur additional billable charges.

Due to rapid changes that can occur with regard to internet and communications technology, PowerNET reserves the right to modify any PowerNET prices.