Managed Router Service

A mother holds a tablet while she looks at her pre-teen-age daughter. Both are wearing pink shirts and a lamp is on between them. PowerNET's managed router service helps families and businesses manage their internet network.

Be in control of your family's home internet use

With PowerNET's Managed Router Service, you can see who’s using the internet, pause internet access to a device, see when new devices connect and be alerted to when unauthorized devices attempt to connect.

You'll have the power to manage your family's internet access, including child safety features and time of day limits, even when you're not home.

Solve your own internet connectivity issues

Issues with your internet connection could be a service problem or a network problem within your home or business. With this service you can identify the problem and easily change Wi-Fi settings to enhance the quality of the connection to each device. A real-time security report on your network is included.

Screenshot of PowerNET's managed router service - user profile screen
screenshot of PowerNET's managed router service - usage
screenshot of PowerNET's managed router service - overview screen
screenshot of PowerNET's managed router service - security center
screenshot of PowerNET's managed router service - profiles
Service Description Price
Managed Router ServiceUsing a PowerNET approved router, PowerNET will provide a managed service that can assist in managing and troubleshooting your internal network.$5/Month
Leased Router ServicePowerNET will own the router and assist the customer in managing it. Defective routers will be replaced at PowerNET’s cost. Damaged or lost routers will be replaced for $75.$10/Month

A service for everyone, no matter what internet provider you have

Our managed router and leased router services are available to anyone, whether or not you are a customer of PowerNET's internet services. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of this service.