Residential HVAC Rebates

It pays to save energy with Benton REA's rebate programs! We want to help you achieve energy efficiency and comfort in your home. Contact our member services department when planning purchases that will upgrade your efficiency.

Residential HVAC and Weatherization Rebate Application

Heat Pumps

Benton REA’s heat pump program offers members an incentive to upgrade their electric heating system.

Rebates vary based on your current heat source and type of heat pump you will be upgrading to. We recommend calling our energy efficiency advisors at 509-781-6751 before purchasing or installing a heat pump to find out if you qualify for this program.

Current Heat Source New Heat Source Rebate Amount
Older Heat Pump Variable Speed Air Source Heat Pump $200
Electric Furnace High-Efficiency Air Source Heat Pump $1000
Electric Furnace Variable Speed Air Source Heat Pump $1200

Ductless Heat Pumps

A Ductless Heat Pump System is a cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling system for smaller homes. It is ideal if you are currently heating your home with baseboard or wall heaters. You can switch to a much more efficient Ductless Heat Pump system, without having to install ductwork throughout your home. Because the Ductless Heat Pump both heats and cools, it also replaces the need for window air conditioners.

Ductless heating and cooling systems give you more control over your home’s heating and air conditioning, meaning you’ll be comfortable all year long.

Current Heating System Rebate
Baseboard or Wall Heaters $800
Electric Furnace $800

Duct Testing and Sealing

Duct sealing is well worth the investment and will improve the efficiency of your home. Home duct testing and sealing can be done anytime, not just during at the time a system is installed.

Duct Testing and Sealing Rebate
$250 - Stick Built Home
$200 - Manufactured