About PowerNET

Benton REA’s PowerNET is a full service Internet provider and network integrator, providing unique, high-quality Internet, PC repair, IT support and business consulting services in the Mid-Columbia and Yakima Valleys. With 20 years providing technology solutions, we understand the value of our customers and work with you as we solve anything from minor PC issues to complex networks with hundreds of workstations and dozens of servers.

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The History of PowerNET

Benton REA’s PowerNET is owned and operated by the Benton Rural Electric Association (Benton REA), an electric cooperative that has been providing unique and high quality services in the Mid-Columbia and Yakima Valleys for more than 80 years. The combination of being private, not-for-profit and member owned ensures that Benton REA will respond quickly and efficiently to member needs. It all began in 1937, when many people throughout the Yakima Valley did not have access to electricity and the better quality of life it provides.

In the mid 1990s, the Yakima Valley faced a similar situation with a significant lack of quality internet service in the area. Taking the same time tested approach to customer service, combined with the latest technologies, Benton REA once again responded and in 1997 formed Benton REA’s PowerNET to provide the very best in internet access. Dialup internet, frame relay, and ISDN connections were some of the first offerings. As the demand for better and faster internet services increased, PowerNET added wireless high speed internet to its services with a particular focus on rural areas. Since then, Benton REA’s PowerNET has grown and expanded to provide broadband wireless internet to residential and business customers from White Swan to the Tri-Cities.

In 2000, Benton REA’s PowerNET began receiving requests for help with business networks. Since then, PowerNET has grown into providing a full range of PC consulting services to various businesses and government entities within the Yakima Valley and elsewhere, offering a wide range of services including network planning, server maintenance, computer security services, PC diagnostics and repair, backup services, virus removal services, and much more!

As the industry continues to grow and change, Benton REA’s PowerNET will be here to help you along the way.

PowerNET Facts and Figures

As of April 2019:


PowerNET Internet Customers1,061
PowerNET Key Accounts CustomersApproximately 25
Service Area:Lower Yakima and Mid-Columbia Valleys
Number of Employees10 in PowerNET of the 71 total Benton REA Employees
Annual RevenueApproximately $1 Million