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Manage Spam

To help prevent spam messages from flooding your inbox, PowerNET has installed a spam filtering solution with your email account. This should help reduce the number of spam messages you receive and help stop legitimate messages from being blocked by mistake.

Business Spam Solutions

If you’re looking for a business spam filter, Benton REA’s PowerNET offers this service at an affordable rate. You do not need to be a current PowerNET internet customer to sign up for this service. Contact us at 509-786-4004 or 800-398-1232 for pricing and options.

Accessing Spam Messages

There are three ways to access your spam messages:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click the “Spam Manager” quick link  in the "Tools" section of the PowerNET Portal (look under the PowerNET logo above)
  3. Through the “View your entire Quarantine Inbox or manage your preferences” link at the bottom of your quarantine email

To login to your account, enter your full email address and email password, and click "Sign in".

Barracuda Spam Sign In Page

Managing Spam Messages

Once you’ve logged onto your account, there are several options for managing each of your spam messages including Deliver, Whitelist, Delete, Mark as Spam and Mark as Not Spam.

Barracuda Prefrences

Selecting Deliver will send that message directly to your inbox.

Selecting Whitelist will add the sender to your whitelist. This will ensure that future messages from this sender will not be caught as spam and be delivered automatically to your inbox. Selecting Whitelist will also immediately deliver the message to your inbox.

Selecting Delete will delete the message from your quarantine inbox.

Selecting Spam and Not Spam

This spam filter is a learning spam solution. This means that over time, as you report messages as either spam or not spam, the filter will learn your preferences and begin to manage messages based upon them.

Selecting a message and selecting the “Spam” button at the top of the table will open a new window. We recommend you keep both boxes checked and select “Apply”. This will mark the message as spam, remove it from your quarantine inbox and help the filter learn your preferences.

Barracuda Inbox Spam

Selecting a message and then selecting “Not Spam” will open a new window. We recommend you keep the two boxes checked and select “Apply”. This will mark the message Not Spam, deliver it to your inbox and help the filter learn your preferences. If the “Whitelist” option is checked before selecting “Apply”, it will also send the sender to your whitelist.

Barracuda Not Spam Message Actions

Whitelist or Blocklist a Known Address

To whitelist or blocklist a known address, first log into your quarantine inbox. Then select the “Preferences” tab. A menu will drop down and from there, select “Whitelist/Blocklist”.

Barracuda Prefrences

Next, enter the email address or domain into the whitelist or blocklist box and select “Add”. Scroll down to see the blocklist. When the address is added, it will be displayed below the box.

Barracuda Blocklist

Remember, adding email addresses to the Whitelist will mark them as approved and emails from this address will always go to your inbox. Adding email addresses to the Blocklist will prevent emails from this address from entering your inbox.