Safety Demonstrations

Smaller Groups or Classrooms

Our electrical safety demonstration brings the importance of electrical safety to life for students in an engaging and interactive way. Through our tabletop demonstrations, we guide students through real-life scenarios where electricity can be hazardous, helping them understand the potential dangers and how to stay safe.

Our team of experts provides insightful commentary and answers students' questions, ensuring that they have a thorough understanding of electrical safety principles.

We also co-own a life-size electrical safety demonstration trailer with our neighboring utilities with the goal of proving electrical safety education to our communities.

Bring our electric safety demonstration to your school and empower your students with the knowledge they need to stay safe around electricity. Contact our Member Services Department to book a demonstration today!

Members Requests

Members of Benton REA may request a safety demonstration for their school, community organization or workplace free of charge. The table top and live-line demonstrations are dependent on the availability of our skilled linemen as well as the shared schedule between the utilities.

If you are interested in having an electric safety demonstration for your classroom or community group call 509-786-8265 or contact member services.

Contact Member Services Department
Tabletop Electrical Safety Demonstration
Tabletop Electrical Safety Demonstration
Life-size electrical safety demonstration trailer.
Life-size electrical safety demonstration trailer.