Board of Trustees and District Map

Benton REA is governed by a board of eight Trustees who are responsible for setting policies, budgets and the overall strategic direction of the cooperative. Trustees are elected by the members of their respective district within the Benton REA service area and serve for a term of three years.

Trustees must be a residential member of Benton REA. A trustee may not hold any financial interest in selling electric energy or supplies to Benton REA. In addition, a trustee may not be an incumbent or candidate for any elected public office where salaries are paid.

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Benton REA_Dan Plung_White_High Res

Dan Plung

District #1
Benton REA_Mike Freepons_White_High Res

Mike Freepons
Vice President

Prosser Area
District #2
Benton REA_Bob Evans_White_High Res

Bob Evans

Horse Heaven
and East Rosa
District #3


West Richland and Surrounding Rural Areas District #4