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Board of Trustees and District Map

A board of eight elected Trustees is responsible for the overall direction of the business and affairs of Benton REA through the adoption of policies, budgets and providing direction to the general manager. Trustees are elected by the members of their respective district within the Benton REA service area and serve for a term of three years. The Benton REA service area has been divided into eight districts to allow for equal representation of its members.

Trustees must be a member of Benton REA and reside for at least one year within their district. A trustee may not hold any financial interest in selling electric energy or supplies to Benton REA. In addition, a trustee may not be an incumbent or candidate for any elected public office where salaries are paid.

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Buddy Treadway Photo

Buddy Treadway

West Richland
District #1
Mike Freepons photo

Mike Freepons

District #2
Bob Evans Photo

Bob Evans

Horse Heaven
District #3
Vacant Trustee Position Graphic


West Richland and Surrounding Rural Areas / District #4

Tim Grow photo

Tim Grow

District #5
Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher

Mabton & White Pass Areas
District #6
Connie Krull

Connie Krull

West Richland, Bird Hill & Paradise South
District #7
Catherine Russell

Catherine Russell

West Richland, West Latin Area
District #8