Annual Meeting of Members

Each year Benton REA hosts a meeting of the members including an appreciation lunch, kids’ activities, door prizes and an opportunity for you to meet your co-op employees and trustees. In addition to these activities, members in voting districts have the opportunity to vote for the trustee to represent them on the board. Because Benton REA is a member-owned cooperative, you have a say in how your cooperative is run.

The 83rd Benton REA Annual Meeting of Members met online October 21 at 6:30 p.m. 

Below are the meeting resources. Click each to open in a new tab or to download.

Member Q&A

During the 83rd Annual Membership Meeting, this question was asked by a member:

Q: Is there any plan to increase wind and solar generated electricity?

A: Benton REA receives all its wholesale power, delivered to members, from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). We are fortunate in that about 96% of that power is generated from carbon-free resources, mostly consisting of renewable hydroelectricity. Benton REA continuously evaluates our power supply options, and to this point Benton REA has determined that BPA is our best option to receive reliable, carbon-free electricity at a low cost.

Meanwhile, Benton REA supports our members in the effort to invest in solar power and wind power. Benton REA built and maintains a community solar project in West Richland called “Co-op Solar”. Members purchased units of solar energy and receive credit on their electric bill for the electricity generated. Benton REA also offers net metering to members who wish to install wind, solar or other renewable generation on their property. We also participate in state incentive programs when they are available and work directly with each member to help ensure their project is successful. For more information, you can visit

The 84th Annual Meeting date and location have not yet been chosen by the Board of Trustees. Read your monthly Ruralite magazine for updates on future co-op events.