Report an Outage

Report an Electric Outage

Download the SmartHub app for Android or iOS and report the outage on your phone or tablet

Benton REA is recognized nationally for its reliable service. Despite Benton REA’s meticulous work to keep the lights on, occasional outages do occur. Snow and ice, high winds, floods, fires, lightning, car accidents and animals can damage power lines and cause unpredictable outages.

Before you report an outage, ensure that the problem is not on your side of the electric meter by doing the following:

  1. First, check your electrical panel to make sure you breakers and/or fuses are in working order.
  2. Also, check for an exterior main breaker, which is most common with manufactured homes.
  3. Check to see if your neighbors have power.
  4. Once you’ve determined that the outage is not an internal electrical problem, you should report the outage to Benton REA.

When you report the outage to Benton REA, please have your Benton REA account number and the phone number available.  These can be found on your most recent electric billing statement. Also, please give the name the account is into the dispatcher. If you have any information about the likely cause of the power outage, such as a broken tree limb or broken power pole, please tell the dispatcher.

Current Outages

To see current Benton REA electric outages, you may view our online Outage Map.  Outages affecting less than 10 members will not appear on this map.