Benton REA Bylaws

The bylaws are a set of rules approved by Benton REA cooperative members. They establish the manner in which Benton REA will be operated.

Each member of Benton REA acknowledges that:

  • Every member is a vital and integral part of Benton REA
  • Benton REA's successful operation depends upon each member complying with the governing documents including: the articles, the membership application and record card signed by each member, the bylaws, the cooperative's policies, rate and price schedules and all rules, requirements, procedures, programs, determinations, resolutions or actions taken, adopted, promulgated or approved by the Board of Trustee
  • Members are united in an interdependent relationship

Members may request a hard-copy of the bylaws at any time by calling 509-786-8260.

Electric Lineworker and a co-op employee stand side by side