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Contractor Rebates

In order for your customer to qualify for Benton REA's rebates, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Your customer must be a member of Benton REA
  • You must be an approved contractor in Benton REA's Program

To become an approved contractor, complete our Become an Approved Contractor form and return it in person to our offices, or mail it to:

Benton REA

Attn: Energy Efficiency Department

PO Box 1150, Prosser, WA 99350.

Contractor Air-sealing Rebate Program

For many homes, rebates are available for weatherization projects. At the homeowner's discretion, the incentives may be paid to them or the contractor. That designation is made on the Installation Form. When the incentives are designated to the contractor, that amount will appear as a credit against the cost of the job on your invoice to the homeowner.

Incentives for whole-home air sealing are based on the reduction of the air volume moving in and out of the home - this is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and determined by a blower door test conducted by a Benton REA representative before and after air-sealing. Benton REA will pay a rebate of $0.20/CFM.

Fill out the following form completely. Sign and date the form. Submit the completed form along with required documentation to a Benton REA office or email it to our Energy Efficiency Department at

High-Performance New Home Incentive

This incentive goes to the builder of one or more homes that are built to save 10 percent or more energy when compared to a home that is built to current code specifications.

In order to receive this incentive, the builder must hire a third-party inspector, called a Rater, to evaluate the home and ensure it will save energy as projected. With third-party involvement, the home-buyer can purchase with confidence a home they know is energy-efficient and saving them money every day they live in their more comfortable and sustainable home.

This "Performance Path" is an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). Learn more at

Download the High-Performance New Home Incentive form and contact Benton REA's member services department for more information.

Contact Member Services Department