Network Management Protocols

As part of providing a quality Internet service to our customers, PowerNET does perform a limited amount of network management to protect our customers and our network. We manage network traffic and threats using the following methods:

  • PowerNET limits each customer’s available bandwidth to the maximum they are entitled to, based on the level of service purchased by the customer.
  • PowerNET’s e-mail servers limit the volume of outgoing e-mail sent from e-mail addresses. This is done to prevent automated spamming from e-mail addresses. The limit is set high enough that only automated e-mail sending should be affected by e-mail volume limit. e-mail addresses are not intended to be used for the sending of bulk e-mail of any sort.
  • PowerNET blocks all traffic to TCP ports 135 and 445, as these are ports specific to Windows-based LANs, and traffic on these ports should not be traversing the internet due to the inherent security risk of doing so.
  • PowerNET blocks all IP addresses that attempt to scan our network (i.e., looking for open ports) or connect to our secured devices (i.e. components of our network that only we should be accessing).
  • PowerNET also reserves the right to further limit or disconnect any customer whose connection is being used to transmit data that interferes with the proper operation of PowerNET’s service, or with the service of customers served by other internet service providers. This may include, but is not limited to, customers transmitting spam and/or data indicative of virus infections on customer owned equipment. We will contact any customer who has their internet access service limited or disconnected within two (2) business days to attempt to resolve these types of issue.

Though our network management practices may affect certain types of traffic more than others, PowerNET does not and will not throttle or limit any specific protocol or type of traffic. Should we need to impose further limits on a customer’s connection, we will either place an overall bandwidth limit, or block all traffic.

Customers should note that if they are receiving less than the maximum bandwidth they have purchased, this is most likely not a result of PowerNET’s network management practices. Due to the nature of the Internet, certain network paths, servers and/or services outside of PowerNET’s control may become congested and/or unavailable, and therefore all PowerNET services are provided “as is” and PowerNET and Benton Rural Electric Association shall not be held liable for any loss that any PowerNET subscriber incurs as a result of using, or not using, any PowerNET products or services (as stated in the PowerNET Terms and Conditions). To obtain an official measurement of your bandwidth, please conduct a  speed test.