You Have the Power to Care

A chart showing the contributions and payments from the Power to Care fund in 2020, 2021 and 2022

In September 2020, Benton REA launched the Power to Care bill assistance program. Two years later, the program has helped income-qualified members pay nearly $30,000 in past-due bills.

Donating to the Fund

Each month, 582 Benton REA members choose to round up their electric bill to the nearest dollar or more.

Since 2020, members have donated $24,134.67. This includes $5,345 donated by members from their 2020 ownership credit payments. Adding Benton REA’s matching donation of $2,284 in October 2020 and two years of excise tax returns, the total amount donated to qualifying low-income members is $39,887.11.

Contributing to the program is voluntary. Members can enroll through their Benton REA SmartHub  account or by completing the form on page two of your electric bill.

Receiving Funds

As of July 30, 2022, 134 members received a total of $29,675.90 to help pay their past-due electric bills.

Residential members with past-due balances on their electric accounts can apply to receive donated funds.

Bill assistance is granted as a credit on the qualifying members’ electric account once per calendar year. The amount received depends on household size, income and the amount due on the electric account.

“We strongly encourage members to contact us at 509-786-2913 before applying to ensure they are eligible for assistance funding,” says Troy Berglund, Benton REA vice president of member services.

To apply, download the Power to Care Bill Assistance Application and return it to a Benton REA office.

For more information on donating to Power to Care or to download the application, visit

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