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Energy Savings

City of West Richland employees accept a rebate from Benton REA. Left to Right: Dustin Miller, wastewater treatment plant operator; Tony Simon, energy smart industrial partner with Cascade Engineering; Roscoe Slade, public works director; Mayor Brent Gerry; Troy Berglund, community development and member relations manager with Benton REA; Randy Paulson, sewer operations supervisor and Michael Maier, wastewater treatment plant operator.

City of West Richland Saves $41K with Energy Efficiency

In two years, the City of West Richland saved $41,092 and reduced their energy use by 637,450 kilowatt hours at its Wastewater Treatment Plant, earning them an additional incentive from the Benton Rural Electric Association. Most of the savings were achieved by installing equipment on existing HVAC units and aeration and blower controls which provides…

young girl with pursed lips holding a $100 bill over her eyes

Learn to Lower Your Energy Bills and Win $100

If you’d like to lower your monthly energy bills and be entered to win a $100 credit on your next electric bill, sign up for one of two energy conservation classes hosted by Benton REA’s energy advisor, Eric Miller. The first class will be held on December 12 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the…

Man applying caulking to an exterior window of a home

Low-Cost Window Upgrades

Are you planning a spring cleaning project that involves those hard-toreach windows? Why not upgrade your window energy efficiency while you’re at it? For a low-cost upgrade that doesn’t require replacing your windows, Benton REA recommends Low-E storm windows. “Low-E” stands for Low Emissivity, meaning in the summertime these windows block some of the radiant heat of the…

Graph comparing Levelized billing with traditional billing - consistent vs. erratic

Smooth Out the Seasonal Highs and Lows of Your Electric Bill

Stay in control of your monthly bills as we smooth out your seasonally fluctuating payments with Benton REA’s levelized billing plan. Briefly, this is how the program works: Your levelized billing amount is determined by averaging your electricity use of the 12 most recent months. You will receive a bill every month showing how much…