Energy Savings

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Programs to Help You Pay Your Electric Bill

Benton REA has programs available to help you pay your electric bill. We understand life can be tough and it’s easy to fall behind. We want to make sure you can get back on your feet, by offering financial assistance and guiding you to the right services.

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5 Ways to Help You Save on Your Summer Energy Bill

5 ways that can help you save energy, money, and increase the comfort of your home. These tips can help decrease your utility bill.


Planting Trees and Bushes for Energy Efficiency

Careful planning can lead to a beautiful, safe, energy saving landscape.  Spring and summer are opportune times for yard work and DIY projects. Making improvements to your landscaping can provide valuable shade and promote better efficiency, lowering your summer energy bills. Large deciduous (leaf-shedding) trees planted on the east, west, and northwest sides of your…

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Are Portable Space Heaters Efficient?

Small space heaters are meant to do exactly as their name says: heat a small space. Unfortunately, many people use portable space heaters to heat their entire home, which takes a toll on their energy bills. Whether you should use space heaters depends on your home’s efficiency and energy needs. If you’re using a space…

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The Future Is Electric

In the early 20th century, electric vehicles made up close to 40% of the U.S. vehicle market share. Despite their early popularity, they began to disappear from the streets after just a few years. As roadways improved beyond city limits, people wanted to explore. With their slower speeds and shorter ranges, electric vehicles were not…

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Your Feedback Needed on Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation

The Clean Energy Transformation Act, passed in 2019 by the Washington Legislature, requires Benton REA to file a Clean Energy Implementation Plan. Benton REA is seeking member input on this plan. Clean energy is electricity that does not produce carbon or other greenhouse gases as it is generated. Examples include hydro, solar, wind, geothermal and…

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What Are Hybrid Electric Water Heaters?

Hybrid electric water heaters, formerly referred to as heat pump water heaters, are revolutionizing the way we heat water. Compared to traditional electric water heaters, HEWHs can cut your water heating costs in half. Why are they called hybrids? The word hybrid appears in the name because it uses two electric methods to heat the…

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Energy Savings for Your Business

Locally owned businesses are the backbone of our community. With fall here, now is the perfect time to make sure your building is equipped for maximum energy savings. LED lighting for your business allows you to maintain your preferred brightness levels while keeping energy costs low. Don’t forget about your outdoor lighting options and timers…

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Potential Capacity Shortage: Members are asked to conserve energy during heat wave

Benton REA is asking members to conserve their use of electricity during these extreme high temperatures. The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), which supplies power for Benton REA and other local utilities, has informed Benton REA that the extreme heat is putting record demand on its system. BPA says if demand for electricity continues to increase,…


10 Steps to Take Before Installing Solar

As prices decline and technology improves, installing a residential solar system—also called a photo-voltaic system—makes sense for some. However, it’s important to know the facts before committing to a purchase. Consider these points as you explore whether solar is right for you. 1. MAKE YOUR HOME MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT BEFORE BUYING A SOLAR SYSTEM Adding…