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Member Services

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New and Improved Rebates Starting October 1

New and Improved Rebates Starting October 1 Money Available for residential, commercial and agricultural improvements. Starting October 1, new rebates are available for Benton REA members who buy and install new, energy-efficiency home upgrades. Incentives have increased for the purchase of Energy Star clothes washers and dryers, heat pump water heaters, energy-efficient windows and insulation.…


Youth Tour Applications Available Online

Applications for Benton REA’s Youth Tour are available online at Benton REA will select two area students to represent the cooperative on an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., June 18-25, 2020. Children of Benton REA members who are in their sophomore or junior year of high school and whose main residence is in Benton,…

Save Time with SmartHub

Save Time With the SmartHub App

Save Time With the SmartHub App Whether through the web or your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly pay your bill, view your energy use, contact Benton REA for assistance and get the latest co-op news. As soon as you log in to your Benton REA SmartHub account, you can view your billing history and…

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Smart Life. SmartHub.

Smart Life. SmartHub. Life can be fast and hectic, but it doesn’t all have to be complicated. Paying your Benton REA and/or PowerNET bill shouldn’t be a complex task, and with our SmartHub web and mobile app, it won’t be. You may have heard about SmartHub, our innovative tool for account management, but what can…

$3,500 Special Rebate Nissan Leaf Flyer

$3,500 EV Offer Extended Through July 1

As part of its effort to accelerate electric vehicle transportation alternatives across the United States, Nissan North America Inc., is offering eligible Touchstone Energy Cooperative member organizations such as Benton REA a special incentive toward the purchase of the all-new, 100 percent electric Nissan Leaf. A $3,500 special rebate is available on the 40-kWh model…

Benton REA’s Troy Berglund, community development and member relations manager, in Olympia with City of West Richland Public Works Director Roscoe Slade, Senator Sharon Brown and West Richland Mayor Brent Gerry

Serving You in Olympia and D.C.

Benton REA is active in the state legislature and U.S. Congress to ensure laws passed will benefit members and keep electricity affordable The Washington State Legislature is in session, and Benton REA is working to protect the interests of its members. Troy Berglund, community development and member relations manager, recently visited Olympia where he met…

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On-the-Go with Benton REA’s SmartHub App

You can access your electric use history, report electrical outages, pay your bill and read Benton REA news right from your phone. Benton REA’s SmartHub app is designed with your busy life in mind. If you haven’t yet signed up for a SmartHub account, go to Click the red “Pay My Bill” button and…

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Look Out for Scams

Look Out for Scams Unfortunately in today’s world, scams are inevitable. Scammers can threaten you with everything from legal action involving the IRS to turning off power to your home. Utility scams often involve an individual or group posing as an employee of your electric cooperative. The scammer may use threatening language to frighten you…

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Community Donations Still Available in 2018

As the year comes to a close, the Benton REA Board of Trustees wishes to remind members of the community donations available to local organizations who impact the lives of Benton REA members. Benton REA recognizes that, in addition to the basic needs of serving electricity, it is committed to positively impacting the communities within…

Cover Image of the 2019 Ruralite Calendar

Where’s My Calendar?

1,000 copies of Ruralite’s 2019 calendar are available to be picked up at either Benton REA office located in Prosser or West Richland. To save on the cost of printing and mailing a calendar to every Benton REA member, Benton REA’s member services department chose to not insert calendars into Ruralite magazines this year. By…

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