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Map showing six district boundaries in blocks.

Seeking Candidates for Board Districts 7 and 8

Benton REA is seeking candidates for Board Districts 7 and 8.


You Have the Power to Care

In September 2020, Benton REA launched the Power to Care bill assistance program. Now, the program has helped income-qualified members pay nearly $85,000 in past-due bills. Donating to the Fund Each month, 744 Benton REA members choose to round up their electric bill to the nearest dollar or more. Since 2020, members have donated $57,464.14.…

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Claim Your Ownership Cash

Benton REA members, you may have money on the table. Each year the Benton REA Board of Trustees chooses to pay back ownership credits to members, and thousands of those checks go uncashed. After one year, uncashed checks become unclaimed and the funds are transferred to Benton REA’s Education Fund. Benton REA can use money…

Lightning strikes ground, dark blue clouds hang above. Lightning is the most common cause of a power surge.

Surge Protection for $6 A Month

A power surge is an unexpected increase in voltage. Regardless of the cause, power surges can damage electronics in your home. Benton REA offers surge protection at your electric meter for only $6 a month. But first, let’s look at common causes of power surges and how you can protect your sensitive electronics. One of…

A Detroit Electric advertisement from 1912. Black and white illustration of a woman in a winter dress and hat standing by an electric car in a snowy neighborhood. The add says "One of Our nine Rare Creations For 1912"

The Future Is Electric

In the early 20th century, electric vehicles made up close to 40% of the U.S. vehicle market share. Despite their early popularity, they began to disappear from the streets after just a few years. As roadways improved beyond city limits, people wanted to explore. With their slower speeds and shorter ranges, electric vehicles were not…

The Benton REA Co-op Connections Card

Support Local and Save

Use Your Benton REA Co-op Connections Card to save at local businesses this holiday shopping season. Gift wish lists are being made with haste and it’s getting a little colder outside. The holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Speaking of around the corner, there are plenty of locally owned businesses in our neck…

Comparison of ACSI Scores (from ACSI) - Members give Benton REA and 89 Satisfaction rating, higher than Southwest Airlines, Nike, Apple, Touchstone average, National Co-op Avg., Wal-Mart, Investor-owned avg., Municipal utility avg., DISH Network and Facebook

Members Give Benton REA An 89 Satisfaction Rating

For the fifth year in a row, Benton REA members gave their electric cooperative an 89 out of 100 rating in the American Customer Satisfaction Index questions included in the annual satisfaction survey. Each year, Benton REA seeks to understand members’ satisfaction with the cooperative to improve customer service, reliability, and the quality of our…

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Members Support and Benefit from Power to Care Bill Assistance Program

In September 2020, Benton REA launched the Power to Care bill assistance program. One year later, the program is still helping members get through the pandemic together. Donating to the fund Each month, 449 members of the co-op choose to round up their electric bill to the nearest dollar, or to donate $1, $5 or…

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Get Paid Your Way: New Options for Ownership Credits

Benton REA has made it easier and more convenient than ever to get paid your ownership credits. Members can now receive their Benton REA capital (ownership) credit payments as an electric bill credit. By purchasing electricity from Benton REA, you are a member-owner. Your ownership is reflected in credits allocated to you based on the…

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Benton REA Members Pay Neighbors’ Electricity Bills

Benton REA members who need assistance paying past-due electric bills may qualify for help from fellow co-op members through the Power to Care program. To receive Power to Care funds, you must: Be a residential member of Benton REA, Have a past due balance on your electric account, or have received a electric disconnection notice,…