Get Paid Your Way: New Options for Ownership Credits

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Benton REA has made it easier and more convenient than ever to get paid your ownership credits. Members can now receive their Benton REA capital (ownership) credit payments as an electric bill credit.

By purchasing electricity from Benton REA, you are a member-owner. Your ownership is reflected in credits allocated to you based on the amount of electricity you purchase each year.

When it makes financial sense, your Benton REA Board of Trustees approves payment of ownership credits. Traditionally, Benton REA mailed a check to members whose ownership credit payments were $10 or more. But now, you have more options.

Your Ownership Credit Payment Options

  1. Apply them to your primary active Benton REA electric account. This payment will appear as a credit on your Benton REA electric billing statement.
  2. Donate them to Benton REA’s Power to Care bill assistance program. Power to Care helps qualifying low-income members pay their past-due electric bills. 
  3. Donate them to the Benton REA Education Fund. The Education Fund provides scholarships to local graduating high school seniors and pays for the Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., electrical safety demonstrations, and member education resources and classes.
  4. Receive a check in the mail (This is the default option). No action is required to receive a check when your ownership credit payment is $10 or more. If your payment is less than $10, the amount is held in your account until the total is at least $10.

Two Ways to Make the Change

To continue receiving a check payment, no action is needed. To sign up for options 1-3 before this year’s ownership credit payment in August:

  • Complete and mail to Benton REA the form you will receive in your mailbox by July 15, or
  • Go to to complete the form online by July 15.

Benton REA does not know at this time how much your 2021 ownership credit payment will be. Call 509-786-6724 if you have questions.

Since its formation in 1937, Benton REA has paid back more than $15.5 million in ownership credits to member-owners.

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