Electrical Safety Month (1)

5 Ways to Help You Save on Your Summer Energy Bill

5 ways that can help you save energy, money, and increase the comfort of your home. These tips can help decrease your utility bill.


Planting Trees and Bushes for Energy Efficiency

Careful planning can lead to a beautiful, safe, energy saving landscape.  Spring and summer are opportune times for yard work and DIY projects. Making improvements to your landscaping can provide valuable shade and promote better efficiency, lowering your summer energy bills. Large deciduous (leaf-shedding) trees planted on the east, west, and northwest sides of your…

Map showing six district boundaries in blocks.

Seeking Candidates for Board Districts 7 and 8

Benton REA is seeking candidates for Board Districts 7 and 8.


You Have the Power to Care

In September 2020, Benton REA launched the Power to Care bill assistance program. Now, the program has helped income-qualified members pay nearly $85,000 in past-due bills. Donating to the Fund Each month, 744 Benton REA members choose to round up their electric bill to the nearest dollar or more. Since 2020, members have donated $57,464.14.…

A hispanic woman with curly hair holds several $20 bills in her right hand. She is wearing a red t-shirt and the background is orange.

Claim Your Ownership Cash

Benton REA members, you may have money on the table. Each year the Benton REA Board of Trustees chooses to pay back ownership credits to members, and thousands of those checks go uncashed. After one year, uncashed checks become unclaimed and the funds are transferred to Benton REA’s Education Fund. Benton REA can use money…

A mother, son, father and daughter sit at a couch looking at a map for their family emergency plan. Emergency supplies and food are on the coffee table. Backpacks and clothes are on the couch and floor.

Be A Fam With A Plan

It’s not pleasant to think about worst-case scenarios, but a little planning can make a big difference if the worst happens. Follow these tips to avoid feeling helpless during a disaster. Before Communicate:  Talk with your family about who to call, where to go and what to do if disaster strikes.  Educate: Plan different strategies…

Dams provide irrigation water and electricity to run irrigation pumps north of West Richland, Washington. Photo of irrigated corn and alfalfa fields near a Benton REA distribution power line north of West Richland.

Dams: One Structure, Many Benefits

At first glance, dams look like they hold back and store water, but they actually do so much more. Dams protect communities from floods, provide water to irrigate farmland, enable safe passage for boats and barges, create places to play on the river and provide the Northwest with renewable, carbon-free electricity. While not all dams…