Disconnections Resume December 1

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After 20 months of waived late fees and no disconnection of service for nonpayment, Benton REA will resume electric and internet disconnections on December 1.

Anyone with a past-due balance is encouraged to contact Benton REA before November 30 to set up a payment arrangement. Only during November, those who make arrangements have up to 18 months to pay in order to continue receiving electric and internet service. Late fees will not be issued as long as payments are made according to the arrangement signed by the member.

“Spreading out a large past-due balance over three, six, 12 or 18 months makes paying off a large sum more attainable,” says Kendra Roberts, billing supervisor for Benton REA. “If you can’t afford the full amount now, a payment plan will help divide what’s due over time so you can keep your power and internet on.”

The Washington state moratorium on disconnections and late fees was lifted September 30. Members have until 5 p.m. November 30 to set up a payment arrangement. Late fees and disconnection notices for nonpay will begin December 1. Call 509-786-2913 before November 30 to discuss your options.

Additional Energy Assistance

In addition to a Benton REA payment plan, members may qualify for energy assistance from Benton REA’s Power to Care program or assistance from several community organizations.

Members who have a residential account with a past-due balance and have a combined gross household income equal to or less than 200% of the federal poverty guideline are eligible to apply for Power to Care funds.

To apply, download and complete the Power to Care Bill Assistance application at www.BentonREA.org/PowerToCare.
Additional community energy assistance programs for members who are disabled, low-income or veterans are listed at www.BentonREA.org/energy-assistance.

Call Before November 30

The deadline to sign a payment arrangement and continue receiving electric and internet service is 5 p.m. November 30. Don’t miss this one-time chance to avoid disconnection for up to 18 months.

What is a Payment Arrangement?

A plan to pay the outstanding balance over a period of time in a manner that is affordable when the outstanding balance is too much to pay in a single payment.

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