PowerNET Launches Broadband Internet – November 2021 Manager’s Message

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Dear Members,

Broadband is internet access operating at 25 megabits per second or faster. That means you can stream movies, play online video games and scroll your social media all at the same time. But beyond entertainment, accessible and affordable broadband can truly transform a rural community by allowing employees to work from home and by encouraging online retail startups.

Benton REA’s PowerNET has launched true broadband service, up to 100×100 Mbps download and upload, at several of our broadcast towers. Homes and businesses within 1 mile of Granger’s Cherry Hill and the Whitstran and Ward Gap Road areas of Prosser can access PowerNET’s broadband packages. We will be brininging broadband to more areas later this year.

Our 25×25 package is $59.95 per month, a comparable price to DSL or cable internet usually available in metropolitan areas. With a one-year contract, we don’t charge an installation fee.

If you are interested in upgrading to affordable broadband, our PowerNET internet technicians are happy to help get you connected.

Go to www.BentonREA.org/Broadband to complete the free signal test request.

Honoring Veterans

Veterans Day is an important holiday that many undervalue. The sacrifices made by military personnel and their families allow us to live freely in this country.

With the tragedies we see in Afghanistan, Haiti and many other nations where democracy is not upheld, it’s easy to see we should all appreciate the men and women who fight to keep every American safe and secure.

Generations of American men and women risked and gave their lives over the years serving in the U.S. military so friends, family and complete strangers could remain free and safe. These amazing patriots gave up their time and energy, often postponing their personal dreams, to serve in one of the branches of the U.S. military.

I want to thank the many Benton REA members who have served in our nation’s armed forces, as well as those Benton REA employees who chose to serve. As you enjoy your Veterans Day holiday, please remember our veterans and the incredible sacrifices they made.


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Michael J. Bradshaw

General Manager

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