On a Budget? So Is Your Utility Bill

Graph of levelized billing payments

If your electricity use is higher in the winter and summer months, but your budget doesn’t ebb and flow with the temperature, Benton REA’s budget billing might be right for you.

Budget billing eliminates seasonally fluctuating payments and helps families stay within their monthly budgets.

The amount you pay will not be equal every month, but will be similar based on your average electricity use during the 12 most recent months. If you do not have 12 months history with Benton REA, a fixed payment will be calculated and will automatically convert to your monthly average after 12 months.

With budget billing, your monthly bill will show how much electricity you used, the budget payment due and the current balance on your account.

To keep your account from getting a large negative balance, 1/12 of any negative balance is added to your payment.

You may enroll any time, but spring is a great time to sign up for budget billing and prevent your summer bills from rising with the temperature.

To find out what your budget payment would be, call Benton REA at 509-786-2913 to speak with a member service representative.

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