A Lot of Security for Less Than a Latte

A mother holds a tablet while she looks at her pre-teen-age daughter. Both are wearing pink shirts and a lamp is on between them. PowerNET's managed router service helps families and businesses manage their internet network.

PowerNET’s managed router service helps families and businesses manage their internet network

For the cost of one large latte, have peace of mind about your home internet network.

PowerNET’s managed router service helps families and businesses maximize their internet use while helping protect everyone connected for just $5 a month, regardless of your internet provider.

Works with All ISPs

“PowerNET doesn’t have to be your internet service provider to use our managed router service,” Jeff says. “As long as you have a PowerNET-approved router, the service is just $5 per month, regardless of your ISP.”

If you do not have a compatible router, you can lease one from PowerNET for an additional $5 a month.

“This service can help you determine if the Wi-Fi within your house is the issue, or if it is a problem with the speed you’re receiving from your ISP,” Jeff says.

Child Safety

Every day children face threats online.

“We can’t always stop cyberbullies or online predators from attempting to contact our children,” says Jeff Bastow, IT manager at Benton REA and father of five. “But, we can help prevent our kids from meeting them by monitoring the websites they visit, setting schedules and limiting the number of hours they are on the internet.”

Being aware of the websites your children access helps parents start critical conversations about the dangers of the internet, while still allowing children to see the world through it.

“With this service you can see generally what websites children are going to,” Jeff says.

Extra Security

“Malicious attempts to steal internet users’ financial information and identity are created every day,” Jeff says.

In addition to your computer’s antivirus software, PowerNET’s managed router service can detect new devices on your network. If you did not authorize the new device, you can block it from accessing your network.

For the internet connected devices on your network, this service can detect if the devices are accessing virus-infected websites and potential security issues, such as computer vulnerabilities.

This added layer of protection further secures your sensitive personal data.

Who’s Hogging the Bandwidth?

If you’re wondering why your internet is slow at certain times of the day, or who is exceeding your family’s data limits, PowerNET can help.

From the managed router service app, you can see the signal strength of all wireless devices and warnings for those causing performance issues.

“Each device on your network shares your internet bandwidth—the amount of data you can download or upload at one time,” Jeff says.

PowerNET’s managed router service shows in real-time the bandwidth each device or user is consuming and the speed of your internet connection.

To take control of your network with PowerNET’s managed router service, call 509-786-4004 or go to www.BentonREA.org/ManagedRouter.

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