The Thrill of Electric Vehicles

A Tesla electric vehicle is parked on a grassy area next to a gravel road with evergreen trees and blue sky behind it. Photo courtesy of Tesla

Electric vehicles aren’t just for city driving anymore If you want a really powerful car—one that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in fewer than 3 seconds—consider the NIO EP9 electric vehicle. Be prepared to open your wallet, though. It costs more than $1 million. Modest versions of electric cars offer a respectable kick.…

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Is Your Home Electric Vehicle Ready?

a close up of a woman wearing a blue plaid shirt and denim skirt pluggin in her Chevy Bolt to a charger at home

Drivers across the U.S. are starting to refuel at the outlet instead of the gas pump. As electric vehicle growth continues, studies are finding most drivers are plugging in at home to charge. “EV-ready homes” describes homes providing safe access to a dedicated power supply for charging at a Level 2 station. Level 2 charging…

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An Electric Vehicle Ride-Along

Benton REA's electric vehicle charging at a public station

Benton REA used social media to let me members follow its electric vehicle on a long trip. By Troy Berglund, community development and member relations manager at Benton REA. I love talking to our members about what they are interested in, particularly when it comes to energy. In recent years, there has been growing interest…

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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles All About Electric Vehicles Click the tabs to learn more about the different electric vehicles on the market, current savings calculations and where you can find a fast charger near you. Scroll down to learn about Benton REA’s current incentives and EV programs.   Electric Vehicle and Plug-In Hybrid Purchase Incentive Benton REA offers…

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Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Incentives Now Available

An electric car charger plugged into a Chevy Bolt

Members can now receive up to $100 from Benton REA towards the purchase of an electric vehicle. In April, the Benton REA Board of Trustees voted to approve the new incentive program, rewarding those members who choose to reduce their tailpipe carbon emissions and purchase electricity to fuel their daily driver. Incentive Requirements Members will…

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The Future Is Electric

A Detroit Electric advertisement from 1912. Black and white illustration of a woman in a winter dress and hat standing by an electric car in a snowy neighborhood. The add says "One of Our nine Rare Creations For 1912"

In the early 20th century, electric vehicles made up close to 40% of the U.S. vehicle market share. Despite their early popularity, they began to disappear from the streets after just a few years. As roadways improved beyond city limits, people wanted to explore. With their slower speeds and shorter ranges, electric vehicles were not…

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Electrical Safety & 811

Electrical Safety Tips and 811 Benton REA’s top priority is the safety of the public and we strive to ensure that the public is safe around electrical power lines. Benton REA has a proactive safety program to inform the public about electrical safety, including: Free electrical safety demonstrations available for classrooms and community events Radio…

Read More Makes Finding an EV Charger Easy

A screenshot of the charger finder map at It shows multiple pins at Electric vehicle charging stations from Yakima, Washington, to Tri-Cities.

Did you know there are more than 30 public electric vehicle charging stations between Pasco and Yakima? You can find any public charging station in the country at Click the “Charger Finder” tab and search by zip code, type of charger and type of connector. If you’re planning a longer trip, the “Map a…

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Copy of Home

Your Member-Owned Cooperative Serving Members in Benton, Yakima and Lewis Counties with Electricity, Internet and IT services Pay Your Bill Manage Your SmartHub Account Pay Now – No Registration Required Helpful Links Benton REA EfficiencyRebates Benton REA EmploymentOpportunities Benton REA Meet Your Trustees PowerNET Internet Speed Test PowerNET ComputerRepair PowerNET InternetPackages Outage Center If your…

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Register Your EV, Get $100

Electric vehicle Level 2 charging stations can be installed inside or outside a home. This one is installed outside. Register your electric vehicle with Benton REA before you install a Level 2 charger and receive $100

Benton REA members can receive up to $100 from Benton REA toward the purchase of an electric vehicle when they register them with the co-op. Members will receive $100 for electric vehicles purchased before a Level 2 charger has been installed in their homes or businesses where the vehicles will be charged. Members can receive…

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