Internet Pricing and FAQs


PowerNET de Benton REA ofrece un servicio de Internet confiable y de alta velocidad dirigido a áreas rurales que de otra manera no tendrían acceso a internet a un precio accesible. Creemos en proporcionar un servicio que funciona tal como es anunciado. Nuestros precios publicados no incluyen tarifas adicionales. Construimos nuestra red para proporcionar las velocidades anunciadas, incluso durante las horas pico.

Para garantizar que podemos proporcionarle nuestro servicio de Internet de alta velocidad y calidad, complete el formulario de registro de servicio o llame al 509-786-4004 o al 800-398-1232.

PowerNET Internet Packages

Bar graph showing different PowerNet Internet Package Speeds

Looking for even faster internet for your business?

PowerNET provides point-to-point wireless high-speed internet access using wireless radio telecommunications technology. PowerNET’s locally owned and maintained wireless service currently provides the Yakima and Mid-Columbia valleys with high-speed internet service, without the limitations of using copper, fiber or cable lines or wires to your home or business.

PowerNET wireless internet includes accounts with speeds that start at 2 Mbps download. That is roughly equivalent to DSL speeds in many areas and can be fast enough to stream Netflix or browse all of your favorite websites at the speed they should be viewed. With lower latency than satellite, our wireless internet also works for gaming.

PowerNET serves White Swan to West Richland, Hanford to Plymouth and the communities in between with high-speed wireless internet access. We reach places that other internet providers cannot. We have 30 towers and 106 wireless access points throughout Yakima and Benton Counties. Our internet signals can reach up to a 10-mile radius. To find out if you can receive PowerNET internet service at your home or business, sign up for service, or call PowerNET at 800-398-1232.

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Yes. PowerNET is a locally owned service, with a locally operated and maintained wireless network. Our office is located in Prosser, Washington. Our friendly technical support specialists are available to provide you with the highest quality service possible.

Sign up online for internet service for your home or business, or call us at 800-398-1232.

La principal diferencia entre el acceso a internet inalámbrico de PowerNET y DSL es que PowerNET no requiere que se instale una línea o circuito telefónico en su hogar. Lo único que necesitamos es instalar una antena de radio en su hogar o negocio con un solo cable que va desde la antena hasta su computadora o enrutador inalámbrico. Esta antena es instalada por un técnico local de PowerNET.

A fin de poder recibir el servicio de Internet de calidad de PowerNET, debe haber una línea de visión desde su hogar o empresa a un punto de acceso inalámbrico de PowerNET. Para saber si tiene línea de visión,sign up for service completando el formulario en este sitio web o llamando al 800-221-6987 y le enviaremos uno de nuestros técnicos para probar la señal de forma gratuita.

Otra diferencia entre los proveedores de PowerNET y DSL es nuestra facturación simple. Creemos en proporcionar un servicio que funciona tal como lo anunciamos. Nuestros precios anunciados no incluyen tarifas adicionales, impuestos gubernamentales ni recargos. Además, construimos nuestra red para proporcionar las velocidades anunciadas, incluso durante las horas pico.

No. PowerNET’s wireless system operates on a local PowerNET-owned network that is totally separate from the phone company. With PowerNET, any phone lines installed at your location can be used to accept calls at the same time you are on the internet.

Yes. Multiple computers located at your business or residence can surf the internet simultaneously with a properly configured ethernet router. For your convenience, you can purchase the proper router for your system directly from PowerNET. We will also configure the router for you during installation at no additional cost.

Yes. All standard PowerNET wireless internet accounts include up to three e-mail accounts for no extra charge. Additional e-mail accounts may be purchased for $5 each.

Our service is as secure as an internet service can be. Although your connection is going over a wireless signal, that wireless signal is encrypted using a 128 or 256 bit encryption. We do not add any cookies or other tracking mechanisms to your internet traffic like other internet service providers. We do not sell your information to anyone. We provide spam protection and some overall protection of our system to reduce the number of potential hackers accessing your system. In addition, if you ever call PowerNET with speed issues or other issues on your antenna, we will work with you to determine if any of the traffic is of a suspicious nature.

For PowerNET's wireless internet packages up to 10 Mbps download speed, PowerNET does not charge an installation fee. 

Upon installation, the first month's payment is prorated based on the date of install.  A 1% fee is added to the first bill if the first month is not paid for on the date of installation. 

The process is very easy. First, request a free, no-obligation signal test at your home or business by signing up for service, or call PowerNET at 800-398-1232.

A PowerNET technician will visit your home or business to perform a free site survey to test for signal strength to the nearest PowerNET wireless access point. You do not need to be home during the signal test. If the signal test determines that your home or business has good signal and line-of-sight to a PowerNET access point, you are ready for an install. At this point, we can schedule an installation. Or, if you know you are ready for our service and you are home, we can install the internet receiver right then and there.