Residential HVAC Rebates Increase

A ductless heat pump outdoor unit. Photo by Lincoln Barbour, courtesy of NEEA.

Benton REA᾽s residential rebates have recently increased for efficient  heating and cooling systems.

Ductless Heat Pump – $1,300

This technology is ideal for smaller homes currently without ductwork. Benton REA᾽s ductless heat pump rebate increased to $1,300.

Heat Pump – Up to $1,600

Rebates for a new heat pump range from $200 to $1,600, depending on the current and new heat source. A member who converts an electric furnace to a variable speed heat pump will receive the highest rebate available.

In order to receive a heat pump rebate, commissioning and controls is required.

Duct Sealing/Commissioning and Controls – Up to $750

Commissioning and controls is a process your HVAC installer can do to improve your new system᾽s efficiency. Benton REA᾽s rebate for this process is now $500. Add this to your heat pump rebate to save more money and energy.

Duct testing and sealing can be done any time, not only during installation of a new heat pump. This rebate is $250 for a stick-built home and $200 for a manufactured home.

Smart Thermostat – Up to $175

The rebate for installing a qualifying smart thermostat has increased to  $150. If it is contractor-installed, the rebate is $175.

More Rebates

Applications for Energy Star clothes washer, electric clothes dryer, window and insulation rebates are available at

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