Register Your EV, Get $100

Electric vehicle Level 2 charging stations can be installed inside or outside a home. This one is installed outside. Register your electric vehicle with Benton REA before you install a Level 2 charger and receive $100

Benton REA members can receive up to $100 from Benton REA toward the purchase of an electric vehicle when they register them with the co-op.

  • Members will receive $100 for electric vehicles purchased before a Level 2 charger has been installed in their homes or businesses where the vehicles will be charged.
  • Members can receive $50 if the vehicles were purchased after a Level 2 charger was installed.
  • Plug-in-hybrid vehicles qualify for a $25 incentive.

To receive the incentive, members must allow Benton REA to install an AMI or equivalent automated meter on their homes or businesses where the vehicles will be charged. There is no charge for the meter replacement. Benton REA will use the automated meter to study the impact of electric vehicles on the cooperative’s electrical system.

All-electric vehicles can create a large demand on the electrical transformer and equipment powering homes and businesses. To prevent outages caused by stressing the capacity of transformers, Benton REA engineers will monitor the load through the automated meters.

An AMI meter is not required for the plug-in-hybrid vehicle incentive because these vehicles do not significantly add to the overall building’s electrical demand.

Members may also qualify for Benton REA’s $300 rebate and $2,000 loan for Level 2 residential charging stations.

Installing a Level 2 (240-volt), smart electric vehicle charger in your home or business will significantly increase the speed of charging your electric vehicle. The Level 2 devices charge a fully depleted electric vehicle in eight to 10 hours, as opposed to the 24 hours needed for a Level 1 charger.

To qualify, Benton REA members must set the charging delay to after 10 p.m. This prevents adding to the peak electric load on the system and gives enough charge overnight for your morning commute.

Electric vehicle registration forms as well as plug-in hybrid, and Level 2 incentive applications are available at or by calling 509-786-8265.

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