Rebates Increase for Low-Income Homeowners

A ductless heat pump outdoor unit. Photo by Lincoln Barbour, courtesy of NEEA.

Rebates for heat pumps and hybrid electric water heaters have significantly increased for homeowners who qualify as low-income. Benton REA is making $100,000 available to members through September 2023. 

For heat pump upgrades and conversions from another heating system, the rebate is now as much as $6,200. The installation of a single-head ductless heat pump earns the homeowners $3,800. Those who install a hybrid electric water heater can get up to $2,000.

Rebates are also available to help low-income members pay for duct sealing, insulation, whole-house air sealing and Energy Star storm windows—all products that can reduce electricity use and energy bills.

“In some cases, these rebates might pay for the full amount of the installation,” says Eric Miller, Benton REA energy services coordinator.

Low-income assistance is determined based on the member’s adjusted gross income and household size. Members must complete an online income verification application at before submitting a rebate application.

When requesting a quote from a contractor for any home upgrades, members are encouraged to tell them about Benton REA’s rebate programs.

For assistance or answers to your questions about any of Benton REA’s rebates, call 509-781-6751.

Measure Max Rebate
Heat Pump $6,200
Ductless Heat Pump $3,800
Heat Pump Water Heater  $2,000
Duct Sealing $500
Energy Star Storm Windows  $10/sq. ft.

Additional rebates may be considered for whole-home air sealing and insulation of ducts, floors, walls or ceilings. 

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