Prepare for Summer and Winter With a Ductless Heat Pump

Photo of a man installing a ductless heat pump head

During an average year, more than 60 percent of a home’s energy use is caused by heating and cooling. During shoulder months like April, May, September and October, your energy use is often lower because heating and cooling systems only occasionally run to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Before the summer heat arrives, switch to a highly-efficient, cost-saving ductless heat pump system to help lower your annual energy costs.

Great for Manufactured or Old Homes

These systems are named “ductless” because they do not require ductwork throughout the entire home. If your home was built before central air conditioning was the standard, or if you own a manufactured home, a ductless system may be the right choice for you.

How Ductless Works

Ductless heating and cooling systems transfer heat between outdoor and indoor air. Like a refrigerator, ductless systems bring cool air from the outside indoors when your home needs to be cooled. In the summer, it does the opposite, creating a heating effect.

The system uses three main components: an outdoor unit, indoor unit and a remote control for adjusting the temperature.

Photo by Lincoln Barbour, Courtesy of NEEA

One Unit or Many

For smaller homes, one ductless indoor unit, often referred to as the “head,” may be enough to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the whole house. Some choose to install two or more heads so rooms can be controlled separately matching the comfort level of different family members.

Lower Your Electric Bill

Ductless heating and cooling systems use 50 percent less electricity than relying on traditional electric furnaces, baseboard or wall heaters.

Increased Year-Round Comfort

Air is distributed more efficiently with ductless systems than with traditional electric heaters. Homeowners feel more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Heating and Cooling in One System

Ductless systems can be used year-round to heat and cool your home to your level of comfort.

Easy Installation

Installation can be completed in half a day and requires no invasive ductwork, hence the name “ductless”.

Rebates from Benton REA

Because ductless systems are so efficient, Benton REA offers members a $1,000 rebate when switching from an electric furnace or an $800 rebate when switching from baseboard or wall heaters. Visit to download the ductless heat pump rebate

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