Plant Trees for the Next Generation

If you plan to plant trees on your property this year, think of the life of the tree. Planting a tree incorrectly or in the wrong place can shorten its life, especially if it could grow near power lines.

Always call 811 before you dig, no matter how shallow or deep you go.

Avoid planting trees near underground utilities. Digging near underground power and gas lines is dangerous. Tree roots can cause damage to or be hindered in their growth by underground pipes and conduit.

Look up when choosing a tree’s home for the next 100 years or longer.

Refer to the guide on this page for the distance a tree should be planted away from power lines. You may want to avoid planting them too close to buildings. If a tree grows into a power line, it can cause frequent power outages and may need to be pruned or removed.

Plant Tree Safely Guide Infographic

A list of trees, their grow heights and where you are allowed to plant them is available at

When you buy a tree, follow the right steps of choosing a location and planting the proper way to ensure your tree lives a healthy life for generations to come.

How To Plant A Tree

To watch a 4-minute video with eight steps to properly plant a tree, visit or check out Benton REA’s YouTube channel.

Image of a scene from Benton REA's YouTube video "How to Plant A Tree"

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