New Payment Kiosks at Harvest Foods and Yoke’s Fresh Market

A woman uses the Benton REA and PowerNET payment kiosk at Prosser's Lep-Re-Kon Harvest Foods.

Pay with cash, card or check during store hours

Benton REA’s two new payment kiosks are at Lep-Re-Kon Harvest Foods in Prosser and Yoke’s Fresh Market in West Richland.

Benton REA and PowerNET bills can be paid at the kiosks using cash, check or card anytime the stores are open. Payments are posted to members’ accounts immediately, and the process is easy.

Just touch the screen to start. The first time you use the kiosk, you will need your account number as well as the phone number and first and last name on the account. You can also scan the QR code on the first page of your Benton REA or PowerNET bill.

Once you log in, you can create a PaySite account for a faster experience in the future.

“The idea to install payment kiosks came during the shutdown of our offices in March 2020,” says Mike Bradshaw, Benton REA general manager. “Members who preferred to pay their bill with cash were suddenly not able to. Money orders and other means of payment were accepted, but in the long run we knew we needed a solution where members could pay with cash if the Benton REA offices were closed.”

If Benton REA’s office hours don’t work with your schedule, you can now pay at either of the kiosk locations on weekends and evenings.

The kiosks are one of many ways to pay your PowerNET or Benton REA bill, including:

  • SmartHub, Benton REA’s secure online account management portal. Click “Pay My Bill” at the top
    of to create or log in to your SmartHub account.
  • Download the SmartHub app for Android or iOS and use your smartphone or tablet to view your bill, pay it or schedule a future payment.
  • Mail your payment and completed payment stub in the self-addressed envelope we include with your billing statement.
  • Call our secure, automated payment number. Have your account number handy and call 844-255-3685 . Automatic deduction from your bank account or credit/debit card is an easy way to pay your bill on time every month.
  • Visit Benton REA’s local offices, where you can deliver your payment to a friendly Benton REA member service representative.
  • Drop a check in our secure payment boxes 24/7 at either Benton REA office in Prosser or West Richland.
  • The New payment kiosks are located at Prosser’s Lep-Re-Kon Harvest Food (471 Wine Country Rd.) and West Richland’s Yoke’s Fresh Market (1401 Bombing Range Rd.).

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