New Managed Router Service

man watches a webinar on his laptop at home

Be in control of your home network internet use with PowerNET’s newest product. For just $5 per month, PowerNET offers a managed router service.

Using a PowerNET approved router, PowerNET will provide a managed service that can help troubleshoot your internal network. You’ll be able to  see who’s using the internet, pause internet access to a device, and see when new devices connect or when unauthorized devices attempt to connect.

If you want extra help monitoring your service, PowerNET technicians can quickly diagnose issues with your internet service as they check the quality of service to the house. They can also diagnose where your bandwidth is  going and check the quality of connection to each device.

For $10 per month, you can receive this service, plus a leased PowerNET router.

With PowerNET’s managed and leased router services, you’ll receive a security report on your network.

It’s not Just for Internet Customers

This new service is available to anyone, whether or not you are a customer  of PowerNET’s internet services.

To learn more, call 509-786-4004 or visit

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