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Manager’s Message – July 2019

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Dear Members,

Michael J. Bradshaw

Co-ops exist to serve their members and the community. That’s why I can speak for all Benton REA employees by saying, “We work for you.”

Benton REA’s employees work week after week with you—the members—in mind. Every detail of providing electricity as well as internet and technology services to you is done with the goal of increasing your satisfaction with Benton REA.

Last month, we conducted an annual American Consumer Satisfaction Index survey to find out what your expectations are of Benton REA. We want to learn what areas you are satisfied with as well as where we can improve to better serve you. Results from the survey are expected in August.

Benton REA has six main departments: operations, engineering, billing & finance, member services, IT & PowerNET and administration.

The operations department keeps electricity safely flowing to your homes and businesses. Engineering designs the electrical distribution infrastructure for new members and upgrades to meet current members’ electricity needs. The billing staff members ensure that your bills are accurate each month and they process your payments, while accounting is responsible for the financial records and producing accurate and timely financial statements, in addition to managing Benton REA’s power supply contracts.

Member services personnel handle our energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs as well as economic development, legislation and production of this magazine each month. We rely on our IT department for reliable computers, phones and other technologies to help us provide you with the best possible service.

PowerNET maintains and builds out our internet service, and provides business networking and PC repair services. Administration works closely with the board of trustees to ensure that the policies and directives of the board are communicated and complied with throughout the association.

The jobs of the Benton REA employees involve much more than what I have briefly summarized in this message, yet each and every employee has a clear understanding that we all work for you, the Benton REA members.

Many of us will be at your 82nd annual meeting on July 13, and we hope to see you there. We thank you for allowing us the privilege of being your electricity service provider!


Michael J. Bradshaw signature

Michael J. Bradshaw

General Manager

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