Is Wireless Internet Right For Me?

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Since 1997, Benton REA has served the Mid-Columbia and Lower Yakima Valleys with fast, reliable and safe internet through PowerNET. If you are new to the area, or just want to know more about your internet options, take a look at the answers to these frequently asked questions about PowerNET internet.

What is wireless internet service?

PowerNET provides point-to-point internet access using wireless radio telecommunications technology. PowerNET’s locally owned and maintained wireless service currently provides high-speed internet service, without the limitations of running copper, fiber or cable to your home or business.

How far does PowerNET’s wireless internet signal reach?

PowerNET serves White Swan to West Richland, Hanford to Plymouth and the communities in between. We reach places other internet providers cannot. We have 30 towers and 106 wireless access points throughout Yakima and Benton Counties. Our internet signals can reach up to a 10- mile radius from their tower location.

Do I need a phone line to receive PowerNET internet service?

No. PowerNET’s wireless system operates on a local PowerNET-owned network that is separate from the phone company.

Can I connect more than one computer at a time?

Yes. Multiple computers located at your business or residence can surf the internet simultaneously with a properly configured ethernet router, a service we can provide during installation at no additional cost.

Is there an installation fee?

No. For PowerNET’s wireless internet packages up to 10 Mbps download speed, PowerNET does not charge an installation fee. Upon installation, the first month’s payment is prorated based on the date of install.

How fast is PowerNET?

PowerNET wireless internet speeds start at 2 Mbps download. That is roughly equivalent to DSL speeds in many areas and can be fast enough for movie-streaming or browsing all of your favorite websites. Packages increase in speed up to 10 Mbps Download and 3 Mbps Upload. Custom packages for higher speeds are also available upon a successful signal test.

How much does PowerNET cost?

Our starter package is $49.95 per month with no additional fees or taxes. See all our packages at

To find out if PowerNET internet service can reach your home or business, complete an internet service application or, call 509-786-4004.

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