Stay Informed, Go Paperless with SmartHub

A young man sits on a couch looking at his cell phone - viewing his paperless bill

With convenient access to your Benton REA bill anytime and anywhere through SmartHub, doing your part to care for the environment is easy through paperless billing.

Yet as of December, only 2,836 Benton REA members and PowerNET customers had signed up for paperless billing.

Signing up for paperless billing is simple and has many benefits, including these five.

  1. First, you will receive your billing statement by email on the first of the month – faster than waiting for the mail to arrive.
  2. You can quickly view and pay your bill through the SmartHub app or desktop payment portal – the same website you will use to view your electronic bill.
  3. Reduce your impact on the environment by eliminating the use of paper and ink required for your bill and envelope. Receiving a paper bill also produces carbon emissions from delivery vehicles. And, electronic bills require less electricity to produce.
  4. Help Benton REA keep operating costs down. The average monthly bill costs 71 cents to print and mail. Multiply that by 12 months and the simple act of switching to paperless billing can save the co-op $8.52 per member each year. This small sum, when applied to the 2,836 members already enrolled, is saving Benton REA more than $24,000 each year. Every way co-op members work together to save energy and money helps stabilize the cost of electricity and internet services. 
  5. You’ll continue to receive this newsletter and important co-op information in your email inbox with paperless billing. Notifications and important information can also be found in the SmartHub app and on

How to Sign Up For Paperless Billing

To sign up for paperless billing, call 509-786-2913 or, sign up through your SmartHub account.

Log in to your SmartHub account online or on the app. Under the “My Profile” tab, go to “My Information” and choose “Update My Paperless Settings.” There, you can choose which of your electric and/or PowerNET accounts you wish to go paperless.

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