Look Up and Live – February 2021

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Dear Members,

Electrical safety is immensely important to me and to Benton REA, especially as we look forward to the spring planting season.

Whether you are working in your back yard or responsible for a large agriculture operation, it is important to be aware of power lines near you—both above and underground.

Taking a few minutes to call 811 before you dig can save your life. When driving large equipment or moving pipes and ladders, always look up to find the power lines to stay clear of them.

Look up and live! Be aware of overhead power lines—especially when carrying long items such as ladders or irrigation pipes.

Please remember to follow these simple, life-saving tips:

  • Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume they are still electrified.
  • Call 811 before you dig to locate underground power lines and other utilities.
  • Never use electrical equipment or tools near a pool or other wet areas.
  • Fly kites and drones in open areas well away from trees and power lines.
  • Inspect power tools and electric lawnmowers for frayed power cords, broken plugs and cracked or broken housings. If necessary, ensure appropriate repairs are made.
  • Do not plant vegetation or build any permanent structures directly in front of underground electrical equipment devices or padmount transformers.

Please visit BentonREA.org/safety to watch videos about what to do if power lines are on your car and for information about other safety topics. Our website also provides information about Benton REA’s latest COVID-19 updates, including office closures to walk-in traffic.


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