Energy Efficiency Tips for Renters

Illustration of a person turning on a lamp.

If you rent your home, it often seems that you can’t do much to control your electric bills. In reality, there are lots of low- or no-cost tricks you can put into place to cut down on electricity use.

Electronics and Appliances

Most electronics feature a glowing light when turned off, which means they’re still drawing electricity. This is referred to as vampire or phantom load. One simple fix is plugging your devices into a power strip. Simply flip the switch on the power strip when you are not using the devices.

While your hands most likely are tied when it comes to the types of major appliances installed, if one needs to be replaced, ask your landlord to purchase an Energy Star model.


A roll of weatherstripping and a tube of caulk can go a long way in saving energy and money. Check for gaps around doors and windows. Can you see daylight? If so, ask your landlord if you can seal cracks and reduce air flow.

You can buy sealing kits at any home improvement store. These plastic sheets fit over your window to block drafts. Curtains can also help. Close them in the summer to block sunlight, and open them in the winter to let the warmth in.

More Useful Tips

  • When light bulbs burn out, replace them with LEDs. If they have an Energy Star label, these bulbs typically last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use 75 percent less electricity.
  • Use your vacuum to clean coils in the bottom panel of your refrigerator.
  • Keep your dryer vents clean. Clogged refrigerator coils and dryer vents will cause appliances to work harder and increase the risk of fire.
  • Don’t allow furniture to block air vents. Shut vents in rooms you do not use.
  • Lower your water heater temperature to 120 F. This is warm enough for Daily showers and chores.

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