Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Incentives Now Available

An electric car charger plugged into a Chevy Bolt

Members can now receive up to $100 from Benton REA towards the purchase of an electric vehicle.

In April, the Benton REA Board of Trustees voted to approve the new incentive program, rewarding those members who choose to reduce their tailpipe carbon emissions and purchase electricity to fuel their daily driver.

Incentive Requirements

Members will receive $100 for vehicles purchased before a Level 2 charger has been installed in their home or business where the vehicle will be charged. Members can still receive $50 if the vehicle was purchased after a Level 2 charger was installed. Plugin-hybrid vehicles qualify for a $25 incentive.

To receive the incentive, members must allow Benton REA to install an AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) or equivalent automated meter on their home or business where the vehicle will be charged. Benton REA will use the automated meter to study the impact of electric vehicles on the cooperative’s electrical system.

All-electric vehicles can create a large demand on the electrical transformer and equipment powering homes and businesses. To prevent outages caused by stressing the capacity of transformers, Benton REA engineers will monitor the load through the AMI meters.

An AMI meter is not required for the plug-in-hybrid vehicle incentive because these vehicles do not significantly add to the overall home or business’s electrical demand.

Electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid incentive applications are available at BentonREA.org/Electric-Vehicles or by calling 509-786-8265. Upon approval, a check for the incentive amount will be mailed to the member.

Level 2 Charger Incentive and Loan Program

If you wish to install a Level 2 charger, Benton REA offers a $300 rebate and a loan for up to $2,000.

Installing a Level 2 (240 volt), smart electric vehicle charger in your home or business will significantly increase the speed of charging your electric vehicle. The Level 2 devices charge an electric vehicle in 8 to 10 hours, as opposed to the 24 hours it takes a Level 1 charger.

To qualify, Benton REA members must set the charging delay to after 10 p.m. This helps prevent adding to the peak electric load on the system and still gives enough charge overnight for your morning commute.

For more information about electric vehicles or for answers to your questions about these programs, visit BentonREA.org/Electric-Vehicles

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