Choose How Benton REA Pays You – July 2021

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Dear Members,

Did you know that Benton REA pays its members? It’s the cooperative difference and something we’re incredibly proud of.

By purchasing electricity from Benton REA, you are also a member-owner. Your ownership is reflected in what we call ownership credits. These ownership credits are allocated to you based on the amount of electricity you purchase each year. When it makes financial sense, your board of trustees approves the payment of those ownership credits back to the members. Traditionally, if your ownership credit payment was $10 or more, Benton REA mailed you a check. But now, in addition to receiving a check, you have new options for the use of your ownership credit payments.

I’m pleased that you and I—yes, I am a co-op member, too—now have convenient options for our ownership credit payments. You may:

  • Apply them as a credit on your Benton REA electric billing statement,
  • Donate them to Benton REA’s Power to Care bill assistance program,
  • Donate them to the Benton REA Education Fund or
  • Receive a check in the mail when your payment is $10 or more. This is the default option.

More information about these options, and how to select yours, is on page 25 of your July Ruralite magazine.

Giving Back by Giving Blood

Throughout the pandemic, when nearly all community events were canceled, Benton REA and our members were still able to make a difference in our community by giving the gift of life through essential blood drives.

The Benton REA community has donated 268 units of whole blood at Benton REA’s past 10 blood drives.

According to the Red Cross, every two seconds someone in America needs blood. A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood. Many cancer patients need blood, sometimes daily, during chemotherapy treatment.

Blood cannot be manufactured. It can only come from volunteer donors. Helping other people is the reason we organize blood drives in our community. Benton REA employees and members are invited to give blood on July 13 in Prosser and July 29 in West Richland. Please consider participating in one of our blood drives. Your donation will be greatly appreciated! Schedule your appointment here.


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