Buddy Treadway Resigns From Benton REA Board

Buddy Treadway Headshot

Buddy Treadway attended his last Benton REA board meeting as a trustee on May 26. Buddy was elected in 2007 and has faithfully served the members of District 1 for 15 years.

With more free time, Buddy and his wife, Virginia, plan to take one day at a time with no heavy schedule.

“Buddy always had honest and genuine concern for the Benton REA employees and members,” says Mike Bradshaw, Benton REA general manager.

Buddy says the responsibilities of an electric cooperative trustee are focused on taking care of the membership and following the principles of keeping power reliable and as affordable as possible.

“I always enjoyed being around the board because of the different viewpoints we have—farmers, managers and so forth,” Buddy says. “Bringing all that experience and trying to come up with the best solution, we did a good job of coming to a conclusion and everyone sticking with it.”

In addition to helping make policy and financial decisions for Benton REA, Buddy served on the Northwest Public Power Association Board of Directors and its Governmental Relations Committee from 2013 to 2019. From 2010 to 2022 he served as a director or alternate on the Washington Rural Electric Cooperative Association board.

Benton REA’s District 1 lies within the city limits of West Richland. Buddy says his district has many younger worker bees with jobs and responsibilities. He says there is always someone that has the vision to want to improve their community and keep the power reliable. To whoever fills his seat, Buddy gives this advice: “Keep the membership in mind and be faithful to that. Always remember that you are a member as well as those you represent. Anything you pass or change affects you as well.”

No candidates were nominated during the call for nominations from March 1 through April 1. Members in District 1 will receive a letter in June soliciting candidate nominations to be vetted by the current board of trustees in July.

“A good Benton REA trustee should be willing to be patient and learn, should be committed to attend board meetings whenever possible and should be ready to participate,” Mike says.

“I hope there is someone out there that can step up and follow in my tracks,” Buddy says.

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