$80K Window Rebate Makes Energy-Efficient Upgrade Possible

Property Manager Kari Kallio and Owner Don Winton accept a $80,196 window rebate from Benton REA for upgrades to the Westview Gardens Apartments in West Richland.

If you live in or drive by Westview Garden Apartments on West Richland’s 38th Avenue, you will notice new paint and new roofs. What you cannot see is residents enjoying lower electricity bills from their new, energy-efficient windows.

“The windows are awesome,” says one apartment resident. “Our electric bill is down about $30 a month and the windows do keep it cooler inside.”

Starting in February, 323 double-pane metal-framed windows were replaced with low-e, vinyl-framed windows with a U-value of .30.

“Low-e stands for low emissivity,” says Eric Miller, Benton REA’s energy adviser. “A film is applied to the inside of the panes of glass designed to reflect solar heat back into the room in the winter, essentially trapping it. In the summer, it helps reflect the rays away from the window, keeping solar heat from penetrating the living space.”

The vinyl framing also improves energy efficiency because it does not transfer cold air as aggressively as older metal frames. The trapped air space of the newer windows is much wider, significantly affecting the heat transfer through the glass.

The new windows are estimated to save about 88,281 kilowatt-hours per year among the 96 studio to three-bedroom apartments.

Residents are members of Benton REA and are already seeing lower utility bills since the completion of the window upgrade in May.

“I think they are fantastic,” says one resident. “The electric seemed to be lower last month.”

Residents also see other benefits to the windows besides energy-savings and aesthetics.

“I love the new windows! It’s so much quieter and it stays cooler longer in the morning,” says another resident.

Don Winton has owned Westview Garden Apartments since December of 2019. He lives in the Seattle area but is investing in the Tri-Cities where he owns four properties with 350 total apartments.

“I like the area,” says Don. “I thought that if [Westview Garden] were fixed up, it would be a nice property.”

When Roberts Construction asked Benton REA about available rebates for the windows, the co-op was happy to incentivize the energy-saving project.

The upgrade earned Don a $80,196 rebate—nearly 60% of the project cost.

“We wouldn’t be able to afford all the new windows without the rebate,” Don says. “That rebate was very, very crucial to us being able to do the windows.”

Rebates Are Available To Qualifying Members

Benton REA window rebates are available to Benton REA home and business owners whose primary heat source is electricity and who replace metal framed windows that are single pane, single with storm or double pane, and sliding glass doors with ones that have a U-value of .30 or lower. You can receive $2 to $8 per square foot of glass you replace.

More information is available at BentonREA.org/rebates.

Please contact Benton REA prior to purchase and installation for a current list of qualified contractors and program requirements to ensure you receive the highest rebate available.

Contact Eric Miller at 509-781-6751 or memberservices@bentonrea.org.

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