$3,500 EV Offer Extended Through July 1

$3,500 Special Rebate Nissan Leaf Flyer

As part of its effort to accelerate electric vehicle transportation alternatives across the United States, Nissan North America Inc., is offering eligible Touchstone Energy Cooperative member organizations such as Benton REA a special incentive toward the purchase of the all-new, 100 percent electric Nissan Leaf.

A $3,500 special rebate is available on the 40-kWh model Nissan Leaf and a new $2,500 rebate is available on the 226-mile range, 62-kWh, ePlus model. This offer can be combined with the $7,500 Federal EV Tax Credit to provide you with savings up to $11,000 on your purchase of a new Nissan Leaf®. State incentives may also be available.

How to Get This Great Incentive

Visit BentonREA.org/EV and download the two-page flyer. Bring a copy of the flyer, front and back pages, along with your monthly Benton REA electric bill to your participating Nissan dealership.

This offer is available through July 1, 2019, and cannot be combined with other Nissan special incentives. Residency restrictions apply. Read the flyer for full discount details.

Other Great EVs

Benton REA does not endorse the Nissan Leaf, but rather supports all electric vehicles our members wish to drive. We hope that some of our members can benefit from this amazing deal to save up to $11,000.

If you are in the market for an EV, visit BentonREA.org/EV to search and compare the dozens of EVs currently available. Click the “EV Models” tab and search by your manufacturer, price range, range per charge, charge time or efficiency preference.

Savings Calculators

To compare the cost of fuel between EV models and your current gasoline consuming vehicle, use the “Savings” tab at BentonREA.org/EV. The calculators will show you how much farther you can drive in an EV than in a gasoline-powered car for the same price. If you know how many miles you drive each year, you can calculate the annual fuel cost savings when switching to an EV.

Chargers Near You

Benton REA’s online Charger Finder lets you search for level 1 and level 2 chargers across the nation. Find the public charging stations in your neighborhood by typing your zip code in the search. If you’re going on an EV road trip use the map to search along your route.

Buying a Level 2 Charger?

Benton REA offers members a $300 incentive and a loan for up to $2,000 toward a faster level 2, smart in-home charging station. The level 2 (240 Volt) charging station charges an electric vehicle in 8-10 hours as opposed to the 24 hours it takes a level 1 charging station.

The EV charging station incentive and loan applications are available online. Before applying for the rebate or loan, please contact the Benton REA member services department at 509-786-8265.

Whatever vehicle you choose to drive, Benton REA is your source of power and information. Call us at 509-786-8265 or visit BentonREA.org/EV to learn more about your EV options.

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