2018 Benton REA Fuel Mix Report

75.96% Hydropower, 14.58% Unspecified, 9.45% Nuclear, 0.01% Natural Gas

How your electricity is generated, as reported in the Washington State Department of Commerce 2018 Electric Utility Fuel Mix Disclosure Report

In 2018, Benton REA members received their electricity from the following generation sources: 75.96% Hydropower, 14.58% Unspecified, 9.45% Nuclear and 0.01% Natural Gas. This is the most recent data available for Benton REA’s fuel mix.

How is a utility’s fuel mix determined?

The objective of the fuel mix disclosure is to inform customers and policymakers about the characteristics of the electricity delivered by each retail supplier to consumers and businesses.

Most retail suppliers use electricity from multiple sources, even if they operate their own power plants. In some cases, retail suppliers obtain power without knowing the specific generation source.

Power serving Washington utilities comes from three sources: specific power plants, the Bonneville Power Administration and unspecified power.

To build a fuel mix picture for each utility, the Department of Commerce uses information reported by each utility about the quantity (megawatt-hours) of electricity from specific generating plants. The fuel source for the specified generating plants is provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Many utilities, such as Benton REA, serve their retail customers using electricity provided by BPA, which provides the Department of Commerce with information about the mix of resources used to generate this electricity.

What is unspecified power?

Unspecified power is electricity obtained in a transaction where the seller does not identify a specific generating source. Benton REA purchases unspecified power from PowerEx, an energy marketing company owned by BC Hydro, which gets most of its electricity from hydroelectric generators.

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